Shot By The Sea 2019 Programme

"8 Bit Banjo"
"Renvyle by the Sea"
"Galway by the Sea"
"Old Firm Day"
"Cuirfimid Deaindí"
"The Big Picture"
"Time Difference"
"Slave and Sea"
"Trá ma mban"
"I was an Astronaut"

March - April 2019

Shot by the Sea is a film challenge and screening event which takes place in the Atlantic coastal village of Salthill (Galway) in April 2019. This event is part of the Galway 2020 Small Towns Big Ideas project and is supported by The Village Salthill. 

We invite you to shoot exciting 5 min. short films and submit them to us and join us at our gala film screening in April.


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Please feel free to contact us by email. Or alternatively you can contact us via Twitter or Facebook

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